Horse friendly saddles. Holistic and remedial saddle fitting.

LM Saddles


Our ethos is “for the good of the horse” and our products and practices follow this by working with the horse’s natural biomechanics, improving comfort and movement while enhancing performance.

LM Saddles has evolved over many years of extensive research gained from remedial saddle fitting and studying the effects that a saddle, good and bad has on a horse’s movement and performance.

We understand the biomechanics of both horses and rider, and how a healthy equine body should be when muscles are correctly developed. Our goal is to assist in helping you and your horse find comfort, harmony, and freedom of movement through fitting well designed ‘horse and rider friendly’ saddles in a sympathetic and holistic way.

Our ethos is “for the good of the horse” and therefore, you can only purchase a new an LM saddle from a qualified LM approved fitter.

We believe passionately that every ridden horse is entitled to be comfortable and happy in its saddle, and that a well-designed and sympathetically fitted saddle should be available to every horse and rider.

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