Applied Horsemanship


What separates Applied Horsemanship from others is Sean’s unique approach to teaching horse owners to effectively understand and communicate with their horses. Sean has developed a system that will show you how to become a better horseman, a better rider and develop a Smart, Athletic and Capable Horse. The program is laid out into levels and modules, as you progress through each module there is a theory section, videos for all exercises and a sequential pathway to follow. The modules are laid out this way to give you a clear understanding of WHAT to do, HOW to do it and most importantly WHY.

This is a concept based training program that relates to all horses regardless of your level, discipline or focus. What you put in is what you get out, apply yourself and you will reach your potential. The Applied Horsemanship Program is designed around what Sean refers to as the Progress Pyramid. Horsemanship first to develop a good understanding of horses and to build a solid foundation of communication. Gymnastic Training second to become a refined and effective rider and to learn the pathway to develop your horse as an athlete. Performance third to give you and your horse a goal, to give meaning to you training and to become a good ambassador for great horsemanship

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