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Title: Lene Olessen
Author: Organized Equestrian
Votes: 623

Category: winner
Views: 1527

Nikita  6:39 am (November 14, 2020)
Her and Irish is the best team ever??
lene  8:39 pm (November 14, 2020)
Thank you, Nikita! I'm so happy to hear that you think so <3
Adrian Planer  8:30 am (November 16, 2020)
Great Video Lene, a pleasure to watch, lovely softness and super cool bareback and bridleless riding, especially achieving collection - you get my vote!
L Tribe  10:17 pm (November 17, 2020)
What a beautiful relationship! Your horse is gorgeous and you are so talented. You have shown off a mutltitude of skills that most people can only dream of and you are mostly bareback and bridless! Wow, Wow, Wow!!! You deserve waaaay more votes - but the most important judge is your horse and he clearly adores you. What a gorgeous pony Perle was too, you could see the deep love there. Keep on showing 'em how it's done, girl!
mdf43  7:49 pm (November 21, 2020)
Well done Lene - what a beautiful relationship ???
Jennifer Woods  7:19 pm (November 22, 2020)
Wow Lene, your video is so inspiring. It is a pleasure to witness the beautiful relationship you have with Irish. Well done
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