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At The Round Pen Company we are passionate about horses. About their welfare, body, mind and spirit. Training is a rewarding exercise for us and our horses. Your round pen will help in your horse’s training. The round pen provides a space to help you bond with your horses, gives you a chance to work them safely at liberty rather than on the end of a rope and gives them time outside with their buddies when on box rest.

The Round Pen Company provides round pens at affordable prices. If you, like us want to make the relationship between horse and rider /owner stronger across the disciplines and make that beautiful partnership even stronger, a round pen is for you.

Customer service is our top priority and welcome customer enquiries, your reviews and feedback on our products or training issues.

Let us help you fulfil the dream of having an enclosed safe area to work with your horse with our affordable, versatile, quality round pens, there’s plenty of designs and sizes to choose from.

We also hire pens to allow for sessions with specialised trainers or whilst your horse is recovering from an injury/illness.

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