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Established in 2019, Salute Equestrian Ltd provides innovative products to enhance the safety, partnership and performance of you and your horse. An eco-conscious, British brand, their two products are developed for longevity and using the most eco-friendly dyes and processes available.

The next generation ‘Click & Connect Neck Strap Ultimate Set’ is made of luxurious leather that’s easy to hold and the design enables easy connection without the need to disturb the horse’s head. The fit leads to a more balanced neck strap and with connectors enabling neck and shoulder proprioception there’s extra advantages in training and performance as you can use the connectors to improve straightness, stability and horse and rider balance whether in forward seat, standing or classic riding posture.

The option to personalise your neck strap or choose from HI-VIZ, decorative ‘Polo’ or Diamante styles also adds to the choice over and above the Classic Black and Brown.

Salute Equestrian will also showcase it’s Essential Number Set – as used in Carriage Driving to Eventing – giving participants a safer, smarter Number Bib and enabling clear, reusable number cards so avoiding paper and ink waste and stress, with the set completed with a useful hang up or pin up dry-wipe information board and pen to display your contacts whether at your stable or vehicle, when hacking or competing.

A small range of gifts is also on offer including multi-functional neck tubes and made to order paperweights with your favourite photograph and Saucy T-Shirts with subtle slogans from Full of Potential to To good home only or even AVAILABLE through no fault of her own. Take a look at our slogans online!

Dedicated to customer service to help you and your horse achieve your dreams, you can email Salute Equestrian at

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