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Salute Equestrian was founded in 2019 with the launch of the company’s innovative Click & Connect Neck Strap.

Safer and smarter than the traditional stirrup leather, it has found favour by Liberty riders such as Kat Pickering, Ben Atkinson and Mia Foster as it sits in better balance on the horse, is slimline so easy to hold, and is adjustable in length without having any flappy straps.

In its ‘connected’ form, it has transformed; spooky horses – giving them confidence; wobbly horses – enhancing straightness; unbalanced horses – encouraging them off their forehand; and also improved riders’ confidence, partnership and performance.

With a three-day-eventing heritage, designer, Anna Bruce, also re-designed the competitor’s number bib.

However, alongside Salute’s own products, the tradestand will also showcase innovative UK-designed and made products that are unique. These range from safety ties to protective, thermoregulating leg wraps and to all-natural horse – and dog! – grooming products.

Anna says, “We’re proud that companies such as HUSK and 20/20 Equine have asked to be affiliated with Salute Equestrian; recognising that we want to bring top quality, uniquely designed products that can really make a difference to horses and riders”.

Dedicated to customer service to help you and your horse achieve your dreams, you can email Salute Equestrian at


Free Gift with every Click & Connect Neck Strap bought at the Horsemanship Showcase

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