Sabre Holistic Therapies


Where Spirituality & Science come together. Leading the way in equine wellbeing, compassion and performance. I offer a holistic horse health service for mind, body & spirit. I help horses reconnect on a soul level for optimum spiritual, emotional & physical healing.

It’s time to dive deep and unlock the potential between you and your horse. Communication, connection & clarity is everything. If you don’t know the level of spiritual & emotional health in your horse, we have a problem, and this is where I come in. The spiritual health of your horse is the foundation to their overall wellbeing. I balance their emotions, clear trauma, relieve stress and strengthen their spiritual connection.

​I’m here to guide you, supporting your horse on another level. If you want to experience the very best in your horse, in all dimensions then read on. If your horse needs to release tension, realign, reduce stress or pain they need help. And that’s what I specialise in. I’ve helped hundreds of horses release the root cause of their issue. Helping them to find balance, peace and happiness.

It’s time more horses experienced the therapies available to them. Through energy work, therapies, bodywork & interactive saddle fitting your horse can be happier, healthier and live a more fulfilling life. Learn to enjoy your horse more and develop the bond you’ve always dreamed of.

When you know there is something wrong with your horse, it can be hard to know who to turn to. There are so many different modalities and approaches. Sabre holistic therapies is the perfect way to begin your horse’s healing process. My methodology works so well because the spiritual health is worked with first.

This is the core foundation of lasting healing and amazing results are achieved working on this higher level alone. I then work with the emotions, I believe the emotions cause the physical symptoms apparent to us in the body, so it’s vital the emotional blocks are cleared early on in the healing process. I then work with the physical body releasing any tension & restriction which has accumulated in the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. When each of these levels are worked with and combined, the true majesty of healing happens.

The Sabre Holistic Retreat… Step into another realm where your horse can experience transformational therapies. A life changing luxury retreat stay for mind, body & soul rejuvenation. This is a therapy stay like no other, looking after your horse on an intimate and professional level. It’s much more than a rehab stay, your horse will feel like they’re coming home by re-connecting to spirit, allowing their body to heal on all dimensions. The retreat is a chance for your horse to experience the first equine treatment centre & spiritual sanctuary of its kind. Let your worries drift away and gift your horse a journey of escapism & indulgence…

My passion is also to teach you techniques to go home with to continue your horse’s progress. My teaching includes energy work, bodywork techniques to release tension in your horse, essential oil, crystal & herbal selection which will help your horse with the current issue they have, changes to make with the saddle placement or adjustments, the use of balance pads, gut support, training techniques and much more. Create a retreat space in the comfort of your own stable, or join me at the Sabre Holistic Retreat. Where will your journey with your horse take you?

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