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Photizo Light Therapy

Available from Authorised UK Distributor, Danetre Health Products

Photizo light therapy simply harnesses the amazing natural power of light with specific evidence-based doses of red and near infrared light to penetrate into the body, where it stimulates the cells in that part of the body to produce more energy.

The device uses red and near infrared LEDs to stimulate cell activity which accelerates the natural healing process, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation naturally to help healing of both acute and chronic conditions. It is an affordable alternative to professional laser treatments and provides drug-free pain management for degenerative conditions.

Specifically developed for use on animals with new generation LED technology, Photizo Vetcare is simple-to-use and was developed for pet and animal owners to use at home and is a very popular holistic and versatile therapy tool for use on equines.

A vast range of conditions are treatable with red light therapy such as wounds, many inflammatory musculoskeletal problems including arthritis, laminitis, kissing spine, tendonitis, ligament/tendon sprains and strains, bruising, fractures, neck and back pain, splints, overuse injuries,  oedema, hematomas, muscle injuries, muscle spasms, trigger points and seromas.

Photizo is also highly recommended and used by animal health professionals around the world and brings an amazing, powerful and extremely safe therapy, not only into your home but also into any livery or professional yard or practice to complement many professional rehabilitation and remedial therapies. 

If you are a veterinary professional, equine sports massage/bodyworker or holistic animal therapist, your practice can now benefit from integrating this powerful modality into your professional toolkit.

If you are also interested in using Photizo Vetcare proactively for muscle performance and recovery, we have articles and loads of information on how our brand ambassadors are benefitting from Photizo with their animal athletes.


Photizo Vetcare comes with a charger, protective carry bag and an easy-to-follow User Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use the device correctly. 

A useful protective pouch, especially useful with horses, is available as an optional accessory.

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