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Equine Oral Bio Mechanic

Founder of Milburn Equine, just is a family man who enjoys stock handeling with his two children, educating them on country life. Second youngest of five, Josh is a pony club kid, growing up in the true rural life surrounded by ponies and pigs.

Horses like Josh, repeatedly described as being ‘present’ he prides himself on being constantly available and there in the moment, his attention undivided on the horses as an individual, his timing, his feedback and availability to participate.
Josh likes to worry about today as a singular, Natural Balance Dentistry seemed to naturally fall into the perimeters of his as a keen horseman.

Josh began his professional equine journey by enrolling in Myerscough college and in a mere five years achieved his DipWCF in farriery. Working in the local community and becoming a time survey farrier, and took part in further education in equine podiatry. Then into the school or Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry. Josh was lucky enough to be asked to lecture in some accredited horsemanship clinics such as Jim Masterson and Dr Steve Peters.

Advanced British Holistic Equine Dentistry is a paradigm based on motion and function rather than pathology, prompting true balance through correct molar table angles.

We believe this works like marginal gains, improving every aspect of your horse ‘marginally’ to give you a whole happier and healthier animal, with the added benefits of increased Storting performance, better quality hooves, reduced shoe loss, improved gut health and enhanced posture to name but a few.

Although there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, imperical evidence continues to reinforce for customers and their horses across the country and indeed the world.

“What have you done, my horse feels taller”

“You made my horses do such an amazing extended trot I cried“

Josh is excited to have recently been invited to be a guest on a horsemanship podcast, please keen an eye on Milburn Equine Facebook pace for details

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