Midshires Equestrian Massage Therapy


A registered Massage Therapist and the owner of Midshires Equestrian Massage Therapy Ltd, Raichelle is a lifelong horse lover and rider and has turned her attention to helping the equestrian community offering customised massage and holistic therapies in her own home studio to provide her clientele with relief from pain and stress and helping them sleep better.

As a tough breed, who will stop at nothing to ensure that their equine partners are as fit and mobile as possible, how many of us spend the time and energy on ourselves, ensuring that our own body’s problems are in the same condition? This is where Raichelle can help, understanding the impact chronic pain can have when working around and riding our horses she can ease muscle tensions and soreness, helping clients improve their lives emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Whether training for an event, recovering from an injury or just wanting to reduce muscle soreness, she is here to make your journey a little easier. Her goal is to help everyone within the equestrian community live healthier, happier and pain free lives, and she looks forward to helping you do just that.

Now available, a brand new addition is The Massage Box, a pioneering and unique therapy space offering a refreshing departure from the ordinary. Created from a beautifully converted Horse Trailer, bringing massage therapy to event, camps and training clinics allowing participants to indulge in a little wellness during their equestrian adventures with their equine partners.

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