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My artwork is an invitation to connect with your inner wildness through the world of horses—a vibrant dance of texture, colour, and emotion that reveals the freedom and boundless spirit of these majestic creatures.

As a contemporary equine artist, I explore the profound, emotional relationship we share with horses—the marks they leave on our hearts and the connection they forge to the natural world. Inspired by my adventures in the saddle and living alongside these magnificent animals, my creative process mirrors the graceful dance between horse and rider, guided by intuition and a deep connection to the life force.

My process starts with applying textured plaster, allowing organic marks to shape the foundation of each piece. Large brushstrokes in translucent colours bring the dynamic presence of the horse to life as he chooses his place on the canvas. Gestural lines in charcoal infuse vitality and form, each stroke carrying the heartbeat of the horse, woven together with their energy, movement, and the emotions they stir within us.

Horses fuel my contemporary expressive style where textures run deep like weathered rocks, colour sings with exuberant joy, energetic lines of gold dance with the light and raw charcoal marks transport us to the ancient caves of our forefathers evoking the timeless bond between humanity and these awe-inspiring creatures

My paintings act as a portal to the heart and soul of the horse, a window into their grace, power and untamed spirit, connecting us to the heartbeat of the natural world.

Original Paintings
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I will be bringing a selection of my current work to The Horsemanship Showcase – Looking forward to seeing you there!

To view and purchase my available Horse Paintings and Fine Art Prints visit www.janejohansson.com

To commission a painting of your own horse please contact me at jane@janejohansson.com and I will send you my Commission Process outline.

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