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Exploring our emotional and visceral relationship with horses through the medium of paint: the marks they leave on our hearts, the space they inhabit in our soul and the primal connection to another world. Inspired by my adventures in the saddle and a lifelong love of horses I seek to capture the quintessential nature of horse energy in a style that is both abstract and representational.


Original Horse Paintings

I will be showing my new collection of original horse paintings at The Horsemanship Showcase, ranging in size from 40x40cm to 100x100cm.
All paintings are framed and ready to hang. If you are interested in a commissioning a piece of art that captures the physicality, character, energy and soul of your own horse/horses do come and chat to me or drop me a message to find out about the process.

Full details of all paintings are available on my website.

Fine Art Prints and Greeting cards

A Fine Art Horse Print is a great way of acquiring artwork for your home and adding to your equestrian art collection at an affordable price. In addition you can choose the best size to suit your available wall space. all the prints are quality reproductions of my most popular original horse paintings and are sold unframed so you can personalise them to suit your home interior.


Jane Johansson works from her studio in The Cowshed in Lewes, East Sussex.

After graduating with BA (hons) in Fashion Design from Central St. Martins she had a successful career in fashion and costume design for Contemporary Dance. As co-owner of Float Glass Design she has created several Public Art Commissions including a large-scale glass art commission for The Natural History Museum.

She belongs to The Society of Equestrian Artists in the UK.

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