Hempine CBD is a family run business based in Oxfordshire.

Founded in 2018, Hempine CBD uses only 100% Organic ingredients to deliver the greatest health
benefits possible.

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Recommended/stocked by a number of vets and animal specialists, including:

  • The Horse People
  • M.N Mollon & Partners
  • Wessex Equine Vets
  • Sussex Equine Hospital
  • Equine Veterinary Performance
  • Fuller Equine Vets

Hempine CBD is completely natural and safe, without side-effects.

CBD BENEFITS for horses include:

  • Pain from arthritis or laminitis
  • Anxiety during stall confinement
  • Stress during traveling and shows
  • Ulcers and leaky gut
  • Healing from surgery or injury
  • Immune system depression from oxidative stress experienced with Cushing’s disease
  • Appetite regulation
  • Obesity
  • Inflammation, with the potential to reduce leptin levels
  • Insulin resistance

What is CBD?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is best sourced from the hemp plant and works by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The function of the ECS is to regulate homeostasis, which means to restore balance in both body and mind. CBD is different from its cannabinoid cousin THC, and does not have any psychoactive effects.

100% Organic | Full Spectrum | Lab Verified
Our CBD is sourced from Organically grown hemp plants, and contain the full-spectrum of cannabinoids for maximum health benefits. We never use the cheaper “isolate CBD” variety like most brands use. All of our products are 3rd party laboratory verified to ensure accurate and consistent CBD content.

Is CBD Safe for My Horse?
Yes, very. We source our CBD from Organic hemp flowers, and infuse in Organic coconut oil for maximum bioavailability. There is a significant and growing body of research that shows CBD can replace many conventional medications that come with harsh side effects. In most cases, side effects are never seen with CBD. In the very rare cases when side effects are seen, they are fairly mild (e.g. nausea and tiredness with high dosages) – completely harmless.

Hempine CBD is available in 500g and 1kg tubs, and we also supply Hempine Super-Strength CBD Oil Drops.

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