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GK Horsemanship Equipment was started during Covid Lockdown in 2020, with a crazy notion to make a Rope Halter. 1 week, and a website history filled with You Tube Videos later, the first Halter was made.

With a minor re-brand early this year taking the business from GK Halters to GK Horsemanship Equipment, the brand is slowly growing to provide quality, hard wearing products that can be used to help anyone on their Horsemanship Journey. The Core Products are the Halters and Lead Ropes, made by hand using carefully sourced Rope from Europe and the US.

There are many roads to Rome and even more to training horses so the core value of GKH is to provide a wide range of Rope Types, sizes and colours to ensure that not only can the buyer find the product that suits them and their horses but that it fits and lasts and why not look great as well!

With new products being designed and launched throughout 2023 we are working closely with renowned Trainers to bring to the market the latest designs to ensure we are always working for the welfare of the Horse and the progression of training methods whilst maintaining quality and choice.

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  • Soft Rope Halters
  • Stiff Rope Halters
  • Lead Ropes
  • Long Lines
  • Reins
  • Natural Hackamores
  • Soft Rope Loping Hackamores
  • Horsemanship Training Products
  • Bespoke, one off Designs or Colours
  • Bulk Deals

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