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Finer Forage are a horse food company with a difference: if you’re looking for science-backed, species appropriate, British made feed for your equines, then Finer Forage are the company for you. Based in beautiful North Wales, we pride ourselves on providing species appropriate feeds and supplements for all equines. Our products are made of 100% plants: no molasses, no by-products and no nasties. All our feeds and supplements are formulated by our qualified bio-scientist and nutritionist. The botanicals selected are of a premium quality and have a long history of use for their beneficial and medicinal properties, supported by numerous scientific studies – providing peace of mind and visible results!

The Finer Forage complete feeding system is designed to work around you: giving you quality and flexibility, enabling you to provide your horse with the very best in natural nutrition. Our Superfood Base Bags consist of field dried Timothy grass and high-temperature dried Fescue grass nuts, combined with selected plants, seeds and berries to optimise the naturally occurring micro, macro and phytonutrients available to your horse.

To intensify the plant superpowers of our Superfood Base Bags, our Herbal Forage Blends and Supplements can be used to create a bespoke feeding regime for each equine, regardless of whether your herd consists of 1 or 100 horses. This makes our feeding system ideal whether your horse is a barefoot horse, a performance horse, a happy hacker or anything in between: quality, natural ingredients without over complication.

Inspired by our own diverse herds, the Finer Forage range was created to fill the need for a quality, hoof and gut friendly, natural feed that catered for a range of equine needs. We know that no two horses are the same, and that feeding them in a species appropriate, natural way to promote their health and wellbeing is not easy: so we created Finer Forage. Nia and Emma have cared for dozens of horses over the years: from Section A’s to Warmbloods, Irish Sports Horses to Haflingers… we have had a little bit of everything. Our own difficulties in finding feed that we were 100% happy with, was a challenge, and believe us- we tried a lot! So eventually, in 2021, we established Finer Forage. Nia, a qualified equine bio-scientist, podiatrist and nutritionist lead the formulations, whilst Emma, being a bit of a jack-of-all-trades with a particular interest in native botany and herbal medicine, lead the operations side. It is safe to say that their formula worked, and Finer Forage has gone from strength to strength; developing blends as their growing customer base requested and formulating firm favourites with owners and horses alike. Throughout everything, the Finer Forage team have been guided by their passion for providing the very best in science backed, natural nutrition for their horses and yours: Nutrition by Nature, Supported by Science.

As a premium UK brand focussed on natural, species-specific feeding, we are ideally placed to serve the barefoot horse market. Our feeds, blends and supplements are made from 100% plants. We don’t use fillers, cereals or cereal by-products: or by-products at all! We select our plants for their specific benefits and blend them together in what we are certain your horse would call a piece of culinary magic. The clean buckets tend to speak for themselves!

We would love to welcome you into the Finer Forage Herd so, if you have any questions, fancy a chat or just want to show us pictures of your ponies (we love a cute pony) please get in touch!
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