Equi-Reflect / Alex Strobel Coaching


Welcome to Equi-Reflect – We are an equine coaching and learning facility set in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside.
We welcome people from all walks of life to our supportive and safe environment for personal development, change, growth, and healing surrounded by nature and our teachers the horses.

Equi-Reflect is led by transformational life coach, EFT therapist and equine learning facilitator Alex Strobel.

Just by being in the presence of our horses at Equi-Reflect can bring clarity and conscious awareness of areas of our lives that we may be out of alignment in.
At Equi-Reflect our unique blend of EFL (we call it an equine empowered coaching session) involves mindful interactions and transformation hands on experiences with the horses, combined with a mix of self-development coaching, NLP, EFT energy and breathwork exercises.

Alex’s journey into human horse healing work is very personal, after suffering from anxiety for many years she discovered the power of personal development using modalities such as Coaching, NLP, EFT, breathwork, meditation, hypnotherapy, and energy healing.
Having experienced amazing results for herself she knew she had to share this wisdom with other women.

Alex has spent the last six years developing her practise and sharing her knowledge as a coach, mentor, practitioner, and therapist.
Working with a wide range of clients from those preparing themselves for the main arena at the Tokyo Olympics to everyday riders needing a boost of confidence or help processing / healing after a traumatic event or fall.

Now through Equi-Reflect she can offer these transformation Equine empowered experiences that combine the coaching and holistic modalities alongside interacting with the wisest teachers of all the horses being able to offer this truly translational work really feels like a full circle moment.

  • Transformational Life coach
  • Master NLP practitioner
  • EFT therapist (Tapping)
  • Equine facilitated learning coach
  • Mindfulness and breathwork Practitioner
  • Trauma release energy Practitioner
  • Heart centred horsewoman

For information about workshops, retreats and 1-2-1 equine empowerment sessions please visit – www.equi-reflect.co.uk

For Equestrian mindset and Life coaching please visit – www.alexstrobelcoaching.com

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