Angelford Equestrian

Behavioural and Bodywork therapy and Bodywork therapist

Angelford Equestrian is combination of Equine Behavioural Training and Bodywork therapy. It is beautifully balanced and unique in its business model and able to offer fully qualified and insured physiological and psychological training and bodywork therapy for your horse all from one place.

My passion has always been horses, and for the last 30 years I have devoted myself to learning and gaining as much experience and knowledge as I could to be the best version of myself for every horse I have met. I am a fully qualified ETUK – ESRMT and MFR therapist holding BTEC L5 Behavioural Science qualifications.

I have studied alongside Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks… inspired learning from Buck Branaman, Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance and Pat Parelli etc. However, my greatest influence for many reasons has been Warwick Schiller.
I am often asked what it is I do and how I do it, I think it important to people to be able to relate to you and feel safe within the training. One of the most important parts of horsemanship is the human or humans involved…the elements they bring to the equation… I love clients who first look into themselves and ask what can I do to make this better or to help my horse. Many of my clients turn to me having first pursued other types of trainers and training methods often the “quick Fix” and/or the “exhibition trick trainers” who are perhaps able to load the horse on the day or temporarily fix and issue without addressing the underlying issue and taking the horse and owner back to the root cause of the issue. I’m also able to assess and improve any bodywork issues that may be present with the horse. Horses, just like us don’t do well while in pain, the difference is we are able to voice our concerns.

Horses are very often speaking without being heard.

My methodology is firmly rooted in taking the long view and building a true connection from the ground up, one that will allow you to truly read your horse… to hear them… see them and endeavour to understand them as much as we can. Be a true herd member.

I am based in Bedfordshire with my family at Holme Park Stud. My family have been the leading breeders of Premium Trakehner horses for many years and I to share their passion, owning two Trakehner geldings myself. I have managed Holme Park for the last three years the yard is also home to our many ridden liveries and youngstock liveries.

I travel throughout the east Midlands and to Norfolk on a regular basis, I have many years experience training and guiding first time horses and riders on the beach… many of my clients enjoy this!

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