All-Steps Formation Riding (ASFR)

Trainer / Exhibitor

Traditionally only the select few experience the amazing harmony and connection between horse and rider whilst riding to music, following the flow of other riders. All-Steps Formation Riding is a platform which
brings this experience to all.

The goal is to give riders another way of enjoying their horses with their friends and teammates. There are clinics run on a regular basis at various sites around the county where you can bring your own horse along to have a go. This is perfect for Riding School, Riding Clubs, The Pony Club or even just a bunch of mates who fancy riding as a team. All you need is a group of people, horses and the use of a menage, indoor or outdoor.

The founder, Senga Riches, has formed The All-Steps Demonstration team who will perform at the Gala evening performance. They will also provide demonstrations during the day time to give you a real taste of Formation Riding. The teams is a diverse mix of horses and riders which helps to show that Formation Riding really is for everyone.

If you are interested in finding out more including how to set up clinic in your area please contact Senga Riches at or visit our website or facebook page.

“At the back of the line I patiently stand
Waiting for my riders gentle hand.
My ears prick up the music begins,
We all move forward as the arena light dims.
The crowds are in awe as we pick up the pace
In synchronised melody,movement and grace.
Moving as one from first to last
we are a formation team having a blast!”

“in memory of Gracie”
Written by Tina Sheppard


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